From the Opera House to Luna Park – Magical

After arriving in Sydney it was going to be a challenge to see what and where to go! So many options! My mate and I had to see the famous Opera house, as it was a new experience for him.  From there we followed  the path towards Luna Park, and my goodness, was it a sight to behold!

sydney harbor bridge walk

You will cross over the Harbour Bridge on your way to Luna Park.  Any walk over water; sea, canals, rivers is so mystical.  If you are able to do this walk take the time to soak in the history of this bridge. 

As you get to Luna Park you will then be amazed. Not my typical coastal walk, but oh so fun! Full amusement parks make it one of the most exciting visual spectacles to approach!  Luna Park has been there since 1938 and it in and of itself is something that all travelers to Sydney should check out, whether coastal walking is your passion or just seeing things that change your world.

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The walk along Norfolk Coastal Path

The uncommon path Norfolk

If you love walking along the coastline, Norfolk Coastal path is a must visit for you. I discovered this famous path between Hunstanton and Sheringham on my trip to UK last month. My journey started at Hunstanton a small town which is the beginning of this path. Hunstanton is an old Victorian style town, with all features you have read in Shakespeare literature.

I rented a small house her and kept my luggage. The rent for a month was so little just 500 British Pounds. In London it is not less than 500 British Pounds. I headed east along the path. The path passes through some diverse areas. There are the salt marshes which can be found near Brancaster. The town gets its name from the “Bran” that means salty. Then there is the Holkham national reserve with its flora and fauna to catch your attention. The long sandy beaches add to the tranquility and the beauty. Thankfully I had brought a tent along, and camped on the sandy beach. But while you are travelling take care to bring some weapons along. There are wolves coming to the beaches at night.

The next morning I reached Blakeney point and saw grey seals frolicking in the sea. Sandy wall that extends for kilometers is a specialty of this place. If you are a loner then this is a place to camp and enjoy the peace and nature together.

The whole path is close to sea and it is a path which does not require much physical exertion. Come and catch up with this unique place.

St Michaels’ Mount

This is not exactly a coastal walk- it is something slightly more exciting than that. St Michael’s Mount is located in Cornwall, UK, and is an island that people can walk to from the mainland. Of course, this is possible only during low tide, but that does not take away from the beauty of it!

St Michael's Mount

St Michael’s Mount was a neolithic settlement. Since the 8th century, there are a number of monasteries, ones that you can visit currently. When the weather is right, and the tide is low, the manmade causeway connecting the mainland to the Mount. This is certainly one of the most beautiful ocean side walks you can take in the entire world. There is something incredibly fascinating about the fact that the path you are currently walking is not openly accessible to all people, and that if you were there just one day ahead or behind, you might have completely missed this opportunity!

There are a number of things to explore in St Michael’s Mount, and you can certainly make a leisurely trip out of crossing the causeway to the other side. The Cornish seaside is absolutely beautiful, so you will have a spectacular time there too!

Walk along Sydney harbour


My favourite walk in Sydney,  is from The Spit bridge to the Harbour Bridge, providing mesmerizing views of Sydney Harbour and glimpses of history. This walk is not for everyone. It is around 5 hours long, but that shouldn’t deter those with a reasonable level of fitness, also probably best done without four-legged friends due to the length and the fact that your skirting some National Park at times.

Sydney harbour walk
Sydney harbour walk


It’s very easy to catch a bus to The Spit from the centre of Sydney to start out (just check Sydney Buses). Along the way you can expect to find many a nice cafe to rest for a while, I’d recommend taking some lunch as some of the headlands along the way provide beautiful opportunities to eat with a stunning view. For me the first stop is always Balmoral Beach for a quick coffee to get me going. From there it comes down to how much time you have – you can detour into Middle Head and the wonderfully clean Cobblers Beach for a dip, and then go through Sydney Harbour National Park, but I think unless your extremely fast, this part is better done separately.

Instead I would cut straight down through some of the nicest residential streets in Sydney to Bradleys Head, here the historic Athol Hall does provides another great spot for refreshment. Now, in my mind, comes the best bit where you skirt along the foreshore under Taronga Zoo, to the chorus of the animals, bliss! (and for those of you who have taken the longer route this provides an opportunity to catch the ferry directly back to the city. From here, you just keep following the waterline, in and out of all the lovely coves with their million dollar houses and views, until you reach Andersons Park and head straight over to the Bridge and Milsons Point Train station for home. Really, I dare you to tell me there’s any better walk in Sydney!


Pembrokeshire- One of the world’s best trails

Pembrokeshire Coastal Walk has constantly been named one of the greatest trails in the world. It’s along the Welsh coast, so people might think that it is taken for granted that the trail would be on the list. However, people who say that have clearly not seen enough of British weather. The coast is often cold, windy and rained on on a regular basis, but despite the not-so-ideal weather condition, millions make the trip here to walk along the coast.

The Pembrokeshire Coastal Walk has a 186 mile hike- you can start pretty much anywhere you want, depending on the views you are interested in and the location where you are staying. The walk provides people access to wonderful views of the volcanic and limestone cliffs that plunge straight down into one of the most powerful seas in the world. The trail also leads people through the Pembrokeshire National Park, which is especially beautiful during the spring time.

Pembrokeshire Coastal Walks

Welsh beaches have been routinely voted one of the best beaches in the world by National Geographic, and many trails along the walk will lead you to a number of beautiful beaches as well. You do not have to be a professional hiker or hire a guide to get yourself through the trail. However, you should research the perfect times to go there, so that you don’t get stuck there during the monsoons!


I’m in Turkey! Istanbul is another gorgeous coastal city, perched on the edge of two continents with the Bosphorus strait snaking through the centre. My partner keeps mistakenly calling it a river, indeed you can see the buildings and hills on the other side of the water and two bridges connect them but how many rivers have oil tankers gliding up and down blasting their horns? Being here has been magical and luckily the weather been fantastic considering it’s the middle of winter, my friend told me that a few weeks ago it was snowing and -2 degrees, hard to believe sitting on her terrace in the winter sunshine! We’re staying with our friend who teaches English here and she’s been a great guide taking us to places we would have never known about on our own.

Istanbul has amazing Bosphorus viewsWe’ve most enjoyed walking along the Bosphorus taking in the little ‘villages’ along the way. You see Istanbul is so vast that it doesn’t really have one centre but several dotted around the European and Asian sides. I would describe the Bosphorus itself as the actual heart of the city as that’s the place of trade and where empires have been built and fallen. The tourist area of Sultanahmet is on a peninsula where the Bosphorus meets the Golden Horn and it has some stunning views, especially from Gulhane Park. I have also enjoyed walking along the European side and stopping off at cafes and drinking Turkish tea (a taste that I still haven’t really acquired to be honest) along the water. There are some areas where you are literally sitting on the edge of the water watching the boats pass and listening to the locals gossip…and of course not understanding a word! We also got the ferry over to the Asian side and did a similar walk, there are old mansions and palaces along the way and the views are stunning because of the hills. On the Asian side we walked along a promenade by the Marmara Sea and watched the sun set and then got a ferry back to a Europe as all of Istanbul was being lit up and twinkling in the darkness. There are also some islands a ferry ride away where apparently there are horse-drawn carts instead of cars, we’re hoping to check it out tomorrow. Istanbul has truly won my heart!

Surf Coast Great Ocean Walk

Australia has some of the best beaches, long walks and gorgeous scenery. It’s full of surprises, as well. It does not matter if you have lived in Australia all your life, or if this is the first time you are visiting the country, the scenery will not fail to astonish you. If you are like the Great Outsides and if you love to hike, you must give the Surf Coast Great Ocean Walk a try. With websites like Cashinahurry trying to help you go on your vacation, it will take you no time to pack your bags and head towards Victoria’s most popular coast trail.

The best trekking route in Australia

The entire trail is about 44km long, which means you can even take a long holiday along the route. The trail can be done on foot, or through cycle. Personally, I would suggest that you do a combination of both, so that you get the best of both worlds. The trail is home to a lot of stops steeped in local Aboriginal traditions, and a number of popular surf spots too.

The trek starts a little north of Torquay and goes all the way to Fairhaven. So, take all the time you want, plan your routes and the stops you wish to explore and have the most amazing adventure in Australia.

Best places in Australia for coastal visits

So I was looking at some places to go for best coastal walks and visits to the beaches and coastal areas of our country here. Australia is a dry place but has some of the best surfing and beaches in the world – a lot of people come here to visit the beaches because they are so pristine and it is such a hot climate. I’m going to highlight one  place for this blog post and others in later posts thatI like the most here in Australia, so for those who are reading who are looking for places to visit for beaches they can check this place out before they show up in Australia.

Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is rated as one of the best in australia

According to Oz they say “These days, Bondi is almost universally crowded except in the coldest months of the year, with its relatively clean shores coupling with extremely easy access from the centre of Australia’s largest city making it a popular destination to relax and eat.” So I would suggest it is very crowded but a great beach with great walks to do in the area, like the icnonic Bondi to Bronte walk during the annual Sculpture by the Sea. I would say go with friends, take in the scenery and enjoy your stay. Also this beach has some amusing history to it for protests in the 20th century against beachwear choices, as well as being a place for a lot of other social clubs starting in the area such as the Surf Life Saving Club. Check out a few other places on these lists.

Time and tide..

One thing I love about going for a walk along the beach is the opportunity to salvage something interesting. I love driftwood art, odd bits of reclaimed wood, washed up and turned into something practical. I found this page on Pinterest recently and I love what these people can imagine out of the smallest pieces.

Sometimes the dogs will pick things up along the shore for me to throw them, and I’ll be too excited by what I could create to let them have it – often I have to quickly find something else to distract them with to avoid to many teeth marks! Obviously going out soon after a storm tends to turn up a lot of interesting things, and has the added bonus of not many people being about. Pebbles and seaweed can also add to the look, like this amazing piece I saw created by an artist in Hungary. I don’t think I could ever imagine making something this large!

pebbles and driftwood combine into art

Furniture is also a great possibility, I once saw an episode of The Amazing Race where the contestants had to build a deck chair out of driftwood, string and canvas! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I understand, but hey that just leaves more on the beach for me to find – and if there’s nothing there that day, it’s no loss, I’ve had a great walk.

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